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Andy Spyros, owner

Andy Spyros (Owner, since 1995)
Andy is a successful entrepreneur who teaches business owners how to infuse creativity into their businesses without sacrificing the bottom line. She shows businesses how to break out of their old way of thinking and become unconventional entrepreneurs who make more money and have more fun all with less effort.

A graduate of University of Michigan Ross School of Business, she briefly contemplated her doctorate before deciding there would be far less writing involved working at the famed I Magnin Department store in Chicago. Needing a break from the bitter Chicago weather, she moved to California.

After quickly turning around several of Limited Brands worst performing stores, Andy stepped further into the spotlight managing their flagship stores in Downtown LA and Santa Monica. 25 years later she continues her vacation in LA with the addition of a husband, two children, three fish and her own business.

As the owner of the landmark LA mega boutique, Handmade Galleries LA, Andy has learned to chart the path through many economic and business challenges using her intuition and creativity.

When she is not piloting her business, you can find Andy practicing Reiki, picking up her children from school, participating in the annual chili cook off or happily wandering Descanso Gardens taking a catnap in some sunny spot.


Larz of Handmade Galleries LA

Larz (a Handmade Galleries Institution since September, 1999)

HOBBIES and INTERESTS:   Books (reading),  Music (listening),  Movies (watching & critiquing), Selective TV (watching  & critiquing),  Writing,  Playing Backgammon,  Drinking coffee,  Eating sweets, Talking on the phone, and, of course, Politics.

FAVORITE  ARTISTS:  That's like asking a father to choose his favorite child.....just can't do it !!

FAVORITE PRODUCTS:  Takkoda cards, mugs and magnets, Shiraleah"vegan" leather products, Voluspa candles, JellyCat, and all our "edgy" books.

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS:  I left my home planet and landed on Earth in your year, 1998, with the intention of doing  research for a limited time and then returning home.   But, in September of 1999, I  was offered a job with Handmade Galleries, and I've found it to be such a fertile and fascinating research source that I've extended my stay here indefinitely,


Kellen Traina of Handmade Galleries LA

Kellen (at Handmade since 2008)
Hobbies & Interests: Reading (especially fantasy and witchy books-Harry Potter especially, and my Lucky Magazine as well!), and hanging out with my tiny dog "Stella".

Favorite Artists: LOVE them ALL, but I have a lot of jewelry from Vicki Casillas (Affinity Jewelry Designs) and I think Helena Rose's art is amazing!!!! We are so lucky to have the best artists here!!!!

Favorite Products: I am obsessed with Shiraleah's vegan leather bags and wallets! Also, Voluspa candles have amazing fragrances!!

One thing no one would know about me: I will re-watch the same movie over and over and over again! I find it very comforting (once again, the Harry Potter movies are my absolute favs!).


Ally Sachs at Handmade Galleries LA

Ally (at Handmade since 2009)

Hobbies: Photography and Art

Fav Artists: All the amazing jewelers!!!!!!!!!!!

Fav products: M. Carlessimo's soy candles, Shiraleah scarves

Least known fact: I'm a great personal shopper, (Kellen can vouch, I pick out tons of stuff that she LOVES, sometimes to her chagrin 'cuz then she buys it!!!!)


Anna at Handmade Galleries LA

Anna (at Handmade since 2009)

Favorite Artists: Linda Thibodeaux of Solstice Ltd and Zelda's Fine Art.

Favorite Products: Papaya Art! and Compendium cards and books

Least known fact: I design a jewelry line that I sell at Handmade Galleries :)



Maddie at Handmade Galleries LA Maddie (Started Fall 2011)

Hobbies: Doodling, Photography and coordinating outfits

Fav Artists: Lou Zeldis, Kyle Chan Designs, Alex Teller, Zelda, Bughouse and more....

Fav Products: Herban Body Care scrubs and soaps and Butter London nail laquer

Least know fact: I'm really skilled at immitating accents, namely Australian and "Minnesota"


Helena at Handmade Galleries LA Helena (Started: as a vendor in late 2010 - but I ended up spending so much time here that they decided to add me to their staff! It has been a wonderful, copacetic fit!)

Hobbies: Art, art, and more art! I enjoy creating with pretty much any medium I can get my eager hands on! (not sure you can really call it a hobby, as it's truly my life's passion)

Favorite Artists: Really? How on Earth could I possibly choose? There's so much talent here that I am continually awed and inspired!

Favorite Products: Now this is easy! Herban Body Care's Shae Patchouli "All Over Moisturizer" (it's rich and earthy and makes my tired hands feel oh, so good!) and, Scarlet Glam's Perfume oils, Lip Balm and Body butters in amazingly delicious, (all natural) scents like Red Velvet Cake, Gingerbread and Lemon Biscotti - YUM!!!

Little Known Facts: Hmmm… well… I once worked as a Surveyor's assistant "brushing" trails with my trusty machete through densely forested mountain ranges -(craziest job ever!)… Now I'm studying to be a professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader- (a slightly less dangerous adventure) …also… I must confess… I'm a bit of a Karaoke addict! - Shhh… don't tell anyone!

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