Lou Zeldis

Lou Zeldis Lou Zeldis Lou ZeldisLou Zeldis Lou Zeldis Lou Zeldis

Lou Zeldis was born in America and educated in Europe, Asia and Africa. An ever-traveling theater artist, he has also made jewelry and accessories since 1965, when he began to wear personal charms.

Following much research of primitive and ancient jewelry and objects, Zeldis began to sell his own versions of the accessory as abstractly meaningful charms. He aims for a quiet harmony and strength of form with a vital quality from nature itself to carry the message. Much of this is intuitive and immediate in the seeing and wearing of these unique pieces. The message is "interest". "Interest" in what changes and what is constant in the world, creation, in art, in nature and beauty.

His one of a kind accessories from ancient, antique, and modern materials of both common and uncommon nature, increase the presence of the wearer. A pendant or other accessory by Lou Zeldis will be "good for your life".

Zeldis sells privately and through galleries in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.

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