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Larimar is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth.  It is found high on a mountain, deep in the rainforest of the Dominican Republic.  The mine is only one square kilometer.  The stone is mined completely by hand, no machinery is used.

Larimar was born from the volcanic forces that shaped the Caribbean.  There, it remained undiscovered until small bits of stone tumbled down a river to the sea.  There were stories of the beautiful stone being found on the beaches, but no one discovered the remote source until 1974 when a local artisan searched and found  it.  He named the beautiful stone "Larimar" for his daughter Larissa and Mar  the  Spanish word for seasea.

Handmade Galleries sells only "Marahlago" Larimar jewelry., the finest available

To look upon Larimar is to see the swirling seas of the Caribbean captured in an ocean's palette of blues and greens. Quality stones are rare and elusive. marahLago® selects only the best: each stone has to be hand-picked (only the best 3% will do) and polished with extreme care to bring out it's natural beauty. Lucky for us, Larimar's volcanic heritage gives Larimar a powerful strength and durability. Larimar is a hard stone that can easily withstand the rigors of daily wear. Nature also ensures that no stone is alike, and marahLago® settings are designed to celebrate the distinctive hues, patterns and natural wonder of each beautiful gem.

 Marah Lago and Adrian Nixon, owners, visit the mine twice a year. Marah designs each piece of jewelry and they oversee all manufacturing to ensure that  "Maralago is the  finest Larimar jewelry available".

Larimar is highly prized within the metaphysical community. In fact, healers were among the first to recognize the stone's rarity and special gifts. Larimar's extraordinary physical appearance channels the energies of the sea and the heavens to bring peace and tranquility; it is a stone of balance, harmonizing thoughts (air) and emotions (water). 

Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and speech, communication and creativity. When placed upon one's forehead it said to open the flow of ideas. As a stone associated with energy center, Larimar has the ability to enhance your natural energy and neutralize negative influences. It calms anger, brings mental clarity and soothes the spirit. 

Larimar is rumored to have the ability to draw one's soul mate and can help to support you in a time of transformation and change. Wear it and feel its calming influence flow through you.

Larimar is worn by Angelina Jolie, Marcia Cross, Gwyneth Paltrow, Judith Light, Kate Mara, Lisa Edelstein, Eva Larue and many others.

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