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Handmade is the Missing Piece to Your Profits

You're an artist and a darn good one at that. You have a great following in the indie craft scene. In a perfect world, you'd have enough time to create your art and be selling round the clock, but between craft fairs, blogging and promoting you need something else to provide a steadier stream of income.

What you're missing, Handmade provides: A thriving retail environment with a ready-to-buy clientele (and YES, we do get loads of celebrity shoppers.)

Imagine being part of a group of artists who have already discovered they can:

  • raise their profile by being part of one of LA's Top 25 Gift Shops
  • capitalize on their established brand
  • place their products in a boutique with a high media profile and access to film and television industry insiders
  • access a broader, ready-made market with a cracker jack sales force
  • display more of their product in a way that enhances their brand

A little bit about how it works here at Handmade Galleries... we rent our spaces to only the most amazing of artists. The rent can be as low as $125 per month for our smallest spaces, and then they go up from there. We take a small commission on everything that sells and each artist is paid for the remainder at the end of the month. We have 3 month leases during the year and 6 month leases over the holidays. Larz Wolff is our Leasing Manager and he can go over all the details with you... just shoot him an email via the link below, or give him a call at the store 818.382.3444!

Come be shoulder to shoulder with industry insiders and top artists who meet our criteria.

Email us to join our selection of juried artists:

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We promise that your information will not be sold, rented or given to anyone else.

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