To all of our customers, 

After 18 years in business, Handmade is closing. Thank you for making it one of the most  Wonderful, and unique, shopping experiences in Los Angeles. It has been my great honor and pleasure to have owned and operated it all these years. Unfortunately, it is now time for me to move on.

Our last day open for business will be April 30, 2013.

Here is how you can celebrate our closing with us: 

Come in and shop! 

Handmade's own merchandise and that of the larger vendors will be progressively and deeply discounted over the last few weeks. Many of the other vendors will be at 20% off. 

Tell your friends

The more the merrier! Make sure everyone you knows to stop in, shop and say goodbye. 

Share your story 

Over the years we've heard a lot about how Handmade has touched your life and the lives of  those you know. We'd love to hear them all again. 

Bring in goodies 

Let's make it a party! No doom and gloom for us. Nothing goes better with a big sale than home made treats. It will be a potluck every day and we promise to share! 

I have often said that Handmade has been the longest job I have ever held. Truth be told, it was never a job, it was a creative outlet, a teacher, a friend and, most importantly, a family.  I have made many life-long friends through Handmade. I have seen the neighborhood go through its ups and downs. I have seen customers grow their families and I have grown my own. I have seen many vendors grow from hobbyists to major wholesalers. All of that has been a privilege to witness and has impacted my life in many profound ways. 

It would be easy to say Handmade is closing because of the economy or the landlord, but that would only be partially true. The full truth is that my Soul has been calling me to do other things and I have put it on hold for far too long. In coming into alignment with myself and what I want to model in the world, I must now move on. There is nothing concrete I am moving to, no high- paying consulting job, no other retail venture, I am simply putting my foot on my path and trusting that it will unfold in front of me. 

Thank you all for supporting Handmade these past 18 years. 

Many blessings, 

Andy Spyros


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